Paura della Luce Tracklist: 1. Perdere Fiato Inutilmente 2. Kimberley  3. Kirk Bummer 4. Paura Della Luce Advertisements

Marmore – ‘Kimberley’, live at P.M.K , Innsbruck (Austria).

Marmore EP is coming, released by Kreative Klan. In a few days cover + tracklist preview. Meanwhile this is the shirt design they prepared for you guys. A b/n photographic design, available on white and black shirts. Pre-order your size because it’s gonna be a limited edition. The design is also from Fabiola Murillo, as […]

Marmore is proud to present one of the incredible new graphics by Fabiola Murillo!!! It’s hard for us to explain how much we appreciate this amazing work and all the effort she put in it!! Soon some t-shirts will be printed and on sale on our website! Stay tuned for more news…

Marmore is a band formed in March 2013, by three lifetime friends. Their story is pretty simple, the basically played together their whole life, more than 10 years spent playing in different bands, such as the unforgettable experience of the London-based “Crashing Foreign Cars”. After a few years spent in the UK they’re forced to […]